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Project Configuration

Root Configuration File

ast-grep supports using YAML to configure its linting rules to scan your code repository. We need a root configuration file sgconfig.yml to specify directories where sg can find all rules.

In your project root, add sgconfig.yml with content as below.

  - rules

This instructs ast-grep to use all files recursively inside the rules folder as rule files.

For example, suppose we have the following file structures.

  |- rules
  | |- no-var.yml
  | |- no-bit-operation.yml
  | |- my_custom_rules
  |   |- custom-rule.yml
  |   |- fancy-rule.yml
  |- sgconfig.yml
  |- not-a-rule.yml

All the YAML files under rules folder will be treated as rule files by sg, whilenot-a-rule.yml is ignored by ast-grep.

Note, the sg scan command requires you have an sgconfig.yml in your project root.

Pro tip

We can also use directories in node_modules to reuse preconfigured rules published on npm!

More broadly speaking, any git hosted projects can be imported as rule sets by using git submodule.

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